Painswick Parish Council

Serving the people of Painswick, Edge, Sheepscombe and Slad.

Town Hall

Clerk: Mr Roy Balgobin
The Town Hall, Victoria
Square, Painswick, Stroud
Gloucestershire GL6 6QA

Tel: 01452 812722

Cllr Roey Parker (Sheepscombe)

Cllr Roey Parker (Sheepscombe)

Cllr Roey Parker is a Sheepscombe Ward representative. Cllr Roey Parker is on the following committees:

  • Planning
  • Rural Environment
  • Traffic
  • Land and Buildings
01452 812971

A Gloucestershire resident since the age of 5, I am married to John, and have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren. I have not pursued a specific career path, but I am happy to have been a housewife, mother, carer (my disabled mother-in-law lived with us for 5 years) and more recently a hands-on granny. Over the years I have done a wide variety of jobs, both paid and unpaid; I know a little about a lot, but am expert in nothing…

So, briefly, I graduated from Exeter University, then worked as an administrator at the London Chamber of Commerce before moving to Minchinhampton. While our daughters were growing up, I did various voluntary work, including Meals on Wheels, breastfeeding counselling, Day Centre chauffeuring, post-natal supporting, - and I was a Tawny Owl for a while!

After we moved to Sheepscombe, 32 years ago, I helped to run a small Housing Association and worked for Stroud CAB; later I was the first part-time Warden at the newly constructed Hyett Orchard development in Painswick. For 11 years I worked for the National Trust at Ebworth as an administrator, until retiring in 2010. I am currently a Trustee and volunteer at Painswick Community Library, joint President of Sheepscombe WI and a Councillor for Sheepscombe Ward.

My hobbies include gardening – in a disorganised, weed-friendly way – cycling (we cheat by using electric bikes), fossil collecting and point-and-click photography. Oh, and General Knowledge crosswords…